This four page article by Johns is a run through of history where people thought things were dire.  “Those who had the misfortune to live in Europe in the fifth century might well have thought their time had come, with a playboy by the name of Attila, and his engaging horde of thugs, pouring across from the east, leaving everything flat behind them.  Attila’s methods would make modern warfare look like a kindergarten outfit.  Right across Europe to the heart of France swept this yellow gangster, calling himself King of the Huns, the Goths, the Danes, and the Medes, the Scourge of God and the Dread of the World – a pretty mouthful of terror-propaganda that makes Lord Haw-Haw’s vapourings sound like a squeak in a thunderstorm.  Attila, like all other thugs, finally bit off more than he could chew when he bumped into Theodoric at Chalons, and the people forthwith picked up their tools and went on with their work”.  “What about the Napoleonic era?  What a shadow we lived under then.  But it wasn’t the end of anything – except Bony.  If England could weather such storms as these, there isn’t much to get upset about now.  So don’t worry.  The old world will go spinning along to its terminus – wherever that may be – regardless of Hitler or anyone else”.


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