This three page article, headed “I remember” sets out what it is like to go out on a night patrol into “No Man’s Land”.  Johns talks about various tasks you may have to carry out, all with a dry humour.  “Another little job that may come your way is to cut holes with blunt wire cutters through the enemy’s wire – which may be anything up to forty feet wide.  To make this as disagreeable as possible you will find (if you haven’t done the job before) that German barbed wire has things like pointed razor blades sticking out of it.  On the wire, too, may hang little bells that tinkle merrily the moment you touch it, and inform the bloke who is standing by a trench mortar just where you are.  Occasionally a piece of wire will be found to be carrying a few thousand volts of electricity, all of which gives the business a nice element of anticipation every time you stretch out your hand”.  “In such circumstances you’re apt to call your patrol all sorts of things.  But certainly not dull”.


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