This five page article by Johns is again a subject with which he is quite familiar.  His book “The Air V.C.s” was published in 1935 (details here).  “Of the nineteen British airmen who won the V.C., many were unaware of it, for they died in the action for which it was awarded”.  “Just how many recommendations for the V.C. were forwarded by commanding officers during the last war perhaps no one can say, but the number must have been considerable.  More often than not the D.S.O., the M.C., or the D.F.C., was considered sufficient to let the recommended airman know that his gallantry had not passed unobserved”.  “It is worth noting that all the nineteen V.C.s were pilots.  No air gunners or observers were so honoured, although their courage could not be questioned”.


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