This five page article is written to encourage people to think about learning to fly.  “Subscriptions at most flying clubs average about three guineas per year, and some of the larger organisations offering substantial social amenities also impose an entrance fee of a further guinea or two.  When these formalities have been completed, you will be able to commence dual instruction, which generally costs about two pounds per flying hour.  The rate for solo flying when you have been approved as competent is invariably about ten shillings an hour less.  In all, it will be necessary to budget for about twelve hours to obtain your “ticket”, without which your flying is restricted to within a three-mile radius of your home aerodrome”.  “Do not imagine, however, that the possession of your “Ticket” is the conclusion of your tuition.  You will go on learning for the rest of your flying career.  Navigation, cloud-flying, and aerobatics (if you fancy them) all have their little tricks, which only experience can teach you.  Remember the words of a famous pilot of some twenty years’ standing, who, when asked for the secret of his success, replied briefly, “I know when not to fly”.


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