This four page article is about aerial warfare.  Johns said this about anti-aircraft fire.  “Obviously, it is a matter of guesswork, and guesswork cannot be reliable.  Which is why the gunners flattered themselves during the War if they scored a hit for every ten thousand rounds fired.  If these shells cost five pounds apiece, as we were told they did, a simple sum will reveal that this method of defence can hardly be called economical, not taking into account the damage caused on the ground by falling splinters”.  “So when all the cards are on the table, it will be seen that air warfare is a disease for which there is no cure.  In the end it must slay every nation that participates.  Once the thing starts, all civil aeroplanes, no matter for what purpose they were designed, will be commandeered, because they are all potential bombers.  Obviously, it must not be allowed to start, and it will not start while the air forces of opposing nations are equal.  The other fellow is not a fool.  He cannot wish to commit suicide”.


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