This four page article is about how a motorist could transfer his skills to flying an aircraft.  “But, broadly speaking, motoring and flying have little in common”.  Johns says that "one of the big differences between motoring and flying is that on the ground you can make a mistake, yet live to ride again another day; but if you make a mistake in the atmosphere, the only riding you’re likely to do will be in a nicely polished box with brass handles”.  “Put it this way.  It would be a simple matter to walk along a piece of six-inch plank lying on your lawn.  You could dance along it without falling off.  But if that same plank was bridged across a chasm, you’d think twice before you did any walking, much less dancing.  Yet no more skill is required for one than the other.  Boiled down, it becomes simply a matter of keeping your head, and that’s really all flying is; the rest is chiefly mechanical”.



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