Look and Learn – Issue 82 – Dated 10th August 1963

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Look and Learn – Issue 83 – Dated 17th August 1963

Part Two



Look and Learn – Issue 84 – Dated 24th August 1963

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Look and Learn – Issue 85 – Dated 31st August 1963

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Look and Learn – Issue 86 – Dated 7th September 1963

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Look and Learn – Issue 87 – Dated 14th September 1963

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Look and Learn – Issue 88 – Dated 21st September 1963

Part Seven





In an earlier issue of “LOOK AND LEARN” – Number 59 – dated 2nd March 1963 – Captain W. E. Johns had given an interview.  You can see this below

Interestingly, this article says that W.E. Johns has told the adventures of Biggles in 68 books.  Where did they get this number from?  Well, the last book published before this article was published was “Biggles Takes it Rough” on 10th February 1963.  But in order for the article to be published on 2nd March 1963, the article must have been written before that date, presumably before “Biggles Takes it Rough” was published.  The last Biggles book published before “Biggles Takes it Rough” was “Biggles Sets a Trap” which was published in September 1962.  This book has a spine number of “63”.  The book is illustrated in the article itself.  If Johns had added the five John Hamilton Biggles books to this number (which did not feature in the numbering system) as he had “lost control” of them as he himself said – he would  have come up with “68 Biggles books” and that, I imagine, is what he must have done.  He would have told the interviewer the number of Biggles books.  The actual number of Biggles books is complex and confusing due to arguments over what you count.  For example, do you count the four Gimlet books that Biggles appeared in?  I say you have to – how can you not?  You can find my definitive guide as to why I say there are 101 Biggles book here and my guide to the numbering of Biggles books here.  In actual fact, as of 2nd March 1963, 77 different Biggles books had been published.