First Published in January 1957 - 120 pages


Our four heroes from Adventure Bound, namely Batty, Digger, Pompey and Tommy, have a reunion meal at a London restaurant. Digger finds out that the rest are doing nothing since their last trip and suggest they pool money into a common fund and form a company. Digger suggests the name 'Adventure Limited' but Tommy tops that by suggesting 'Adventure Unlimited'. Digger tells everyone about the time in British Honduras he found a dying man in a canoe who claimed to have found gold and had some gold dust and nuggets on him to prove it. Everyone agrees to ship out on a banana boat to Jamaica and from there seek passage to British Honduras in search of gold. Taking with them a local native named Sunshine Bright (nicknamed "Sunny"), they buy a boat named the Sprite and travel up river into the Honduras jungle. Here they cross swords with two other gold hunters named Pedro and Louis and their native bearers. A Mexican official patrolling the border tells our heroes that he is looking for the other party for stealing. Finding the tributary of the river they were seeking our heroes locate the place where Digger had buried the unfortunate gold hunter, whose name was Harwin. The following day, Tommy climbs the jungle lianas and discovers wonderful flowers forming a garden in the treetops. Proceeding up river, some falls are located, which were a landmark mentioned by Harwin before he died. An old overgrown path up and over the falls is discovered that leads to a plateau. Here some basic gold panning finds traces of gold and a tiny nugget. Proceeding up river further, in the hope of locating the source of the gold, our heroes proceed through a tunnel but are finally frustrated when they reach rapids up which they cannot proceed further. Native Indians visit and are fascinated by Pompey's tattoos. Pedro and Louis arrive with their party and demand food. They give alcohol to the Indians and trouble looms. The Mexican official arrives with soldiers and says that both parties have crossed the border, a mistake easy to make when there are no clear boundaries. Pedro tries to shoot the Mexican official to avoid arrest but Pompey deflects the shot and punches the man to the ground (an event depicted on the cover of the book). Pedro and Louis are arrested. Our heroes declare the gold they have found and are allowed to leave with it due to their honesty and assistance. The gold is nowhere near enough to pay for the trip but seeds from the tree garden Tommy discovered can be sold at home and this will enable them to turn a profit. The journey home is commenced.

 (The prequel to this story was called Adventure Bound)




Adventure Unlimited

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Publication Details - originally published Thomas Nelson and Sons Limited



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