Published in September 1937 - 112 pages


This is an entertaining book of garden anecdotes. It starts with a two-page forward by Theo Stephens, the editor of "My Garden" magazine, explaining how the offices of "My Garden" were next door to the offices of "Popular Flying", a magazine that was being edited by W.E. Johns. He got to know Johns well and after hearing some of his entertaining anecdotes, persuaded him to write a regular monthly feature for "My Garden" entitled "The Passing Show". It is a number of these articles, together with new material that makes up this book. The book then continues with a forward by Johns entitled 'By way of a beginning'. The book is then divided into chapters which are titled as follows:-

September - October - November - December - Interval for Seasonal Suggestions - January - February - Alpine Interlude - March - April - May - June - July - August.

Each chapter contains various anecdotes and stories and comments and short passages relating to the title. It is the sort of book that can be dipped into at any time and place, although I personally read it all on the same day and I am no gardener! To summarise the numerous short tales and anecdotes would be impossible and merely deprive the reader of the pleasure of the book so I will leave this summary of the contents of the book here.


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The Passing Show

Subtitle - A Garden Diary by an Amateur Gardener

Publication Details - originally published by My Garden


First Edition