First Published in March 1935 (a review copy says it was due to be published on 4th April 1935) - 181 Pages

(The first edition has gold titles on the spine plus a book catalogue of 30 pages starting with an advert for Max Immelmann – Eagle of Lille)


Original Dust Jacket – This one has been repriced.  Underneath the price sticker it says 3/6 which was the original price


This book contains details of the 19 winners of the Victoria Cross in the Air and it also contains photographs of 13 of them.

The 6 for whom there were no photographs were Insall, Bell Davis, McNamara, Jerrard, McLeod and West.  I have rectified that now and you can see those 6 HERE



THE VICTORIA CROSS (a short essay by W. E. Johns)


I. - LIEUT. W. B. RHODES - MOORHOUSE - Date of Gazette May 22nd 1915

II - FLT. SUB LIEUT. R. A. J. WARNEFORD - Date of Gazette June 7th 1915

III - CAPT. L. G. HAWKER - Date of Gazette August 24th 1915

IV - CAPT. J. A. LIDDELL - Date of Gazette August 23rd 1915

V - LIEUT. G. S. M. INSALL - Date of Gazette December 23rd 1915

VI - SQUADRON - COMM. R. BELL DAVIES - Date of Gazette January 1st 1916

VII - MAJOR L. W. B. REES - Date of Gazette August 5th 1916

VIII - LIEUT. W. LEEFE ROBINSON - Date of Gazette September 5th 1916

IX - SGT. T. MOTTERSHEAD - Date of Gazette February 12th 1917

X - LIEUT. F. H. McNAMARA - Date of Gazette June 8th 1917

XI - CAPT. A. BALL - Date of Gazette June 3rd 1917

XII - CAPT. W. A. BISHOP - Date of Gazette August 11th 1917

XIII - MAJOR J. B. McCUDDEN - Date of Gazette April 2nd 1918

XIV - LIEUT. A. JERRARD - Date of Gazette May 1st 1918

XV - LIEUT. A. A. McLEOD - Date of Gazette May 1st 1918

XVI - LIEUT. F. M. F. WEST - Date of Gazette July 26th 1918

XVII - CAPT. A. W. BEAUCHAMP - PROCTOR - Date of Gazette November 30th 1918

XVIII - MAJOR W. G. BARKER - Date of Gazette November 30th 1918

XIX - MAJOR E. MANNOCK - Date of Gazette July 18th 1919


The Air V.C.'s

Published by John Hamilton