My dearest Bill,


Thank you for your letter concerning the darkness of this sinister question




published by the Lutterworth Press in London, and which has just been published by Hachette with a new title




My wife sent you two personal letters, and I do send you another one in the name of the “Presses de la Cité”.


Of course we never had any doubts about your honesty. But you are more or less like Mathusalem, I mean you don’t know at all the exact number of your children, that is to say here, of your books.


We kept on asking Miss Scialtiel and Mr. Watt to give us every available book, except the ones at “Arthaud’s” in Grenoble, there must be three or four.  We were always answered “You’ve got every volume, there aren’t any other ones, they’re all reserved for you.”  I let you imagine our astonishment when we found out the publication of those books, all the more when we knew that another one of your volumes, was going to be published by the same editor. The moral impact we suffer is obviously twice more painful since it has precisely come from you, a friend.


I think it would be very useful that you try to gather every volume you wrote in order to know their titles of publication as well as the places they were published, if you can do it. Thus we could check them with Miss Scialtiel and Mr. Watt to see if they are really sold or available in order to prevent from a similar business.


We still have a very bad weather here. Summer seems to have vanished forever. If everything is fine, we’ll try to spend a few days on the Riviera at the end of June.


Are your parcels still delivered regularly?  Do the contents fit you? Do you want to change anything right now?


Give my best regards to Doris, and do trust me, my dearest Bill, yours